Ever since Tara and I were married we have been involved in children ministry in various ways.  Soon after we got married we payed the rent for and lived with a small children home in Surkhet.  

Almost all our projects that have been done threw-out the years have involved giving to children and playing with them.   As you can see the children are beautiful and always full of joy no matter in what conditions you find them in.  

One of our first projects with children was to start and build a school in a small village outside of Surkhet.  We have had children stay in our home on and off for years and have had the joy to help many orphanages in various ways.  In 2011 we started 3 children clubs among the "rock breakers" that live by the streams of the city of Sutkhet. With the help of Tara's brother David and a young lady Shusma we ran these school until 2016.

We continue to help children in various ways as you can see on the page "Help Children".  

Helping Maya's Orphanage in Surkhet in 2003

Maya's Children home

Mugu School Distribution with Pastor Bal Bahadur in 2006

School supply Distribution in Mugu 2006

Distribution of Shoes in Mugu in 2008

Mugu 2008

Mugu 2010

Mugu 2010

Mugu 2010 Chakpare

Work among the Surkhet stream rock breakers 2008

Mugu School Project 2011

Item title

French Team School Painting Project in Surkhet 2008

French Team 

Government School Painting Project 2008

Lots of Spectators

Surkhet 2008

Rock Breaker children work 2008

Jupra School started in semi-nomadic Badi people

Jupra School 

KB Singh with the Orphans in Steves home 2008

Sushma with her children in Itram Surkhet 2011

Special games in a field 2012

Davids class in downtown Surkhet 2012

Davids class receives visitors in 2012

Sushma's 2nd Class in Uper Itram 2012

All 3 classes together in 2012

Special talent show in 2015

David's class in 2015

David playing with the children 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas dance 2015

Children Program in Jajarkot Maina 2016

Painting Government School in 2017