In early 2021 a village of 30 families in the District of Jumla called Gautigau burnt down.  After a pile of hay caught fire at 5 pm one night the people in this remote village were left without homes.  As the monsoon quickly approaches, we would like to provide basic building supplies to the people, as well as short term help.

The people of Nepal are hard working and skilled.  These people are able to build their own homes but lack the financial resources to buy things like cement, tools, and tin for the roof.  

To provide immediate help for the village with blankets, tarps and rice it will cost:

Each Home:  50 Can$
30 Homes:  1500 Can$

To provide each home with 20 bags of cement, tin for the roof and tools for construction it will cost:

Each House:  933 Can$
30 Homes:  28 000 Can$

April 2021 Aid

With the donation of our partners in France Pastor Satal was able to send some short term help to the people of the village of Gautigau.  Pastor Satal and Pastor Gagan bought rice, oil, soap, school books and soya beans for the 30 households in the village.   

Pastor Satal at the distribution

Each family carried their own supplies up to their village from the road

Bags of rice, soya beans and packages of oil

November 2021

Pastor Satal and Gagan have distributed tools and work material to the burnt village of Gautigau in order for them to continue building their burnt homes.  They were able to share the gospel with the people in the village during the distribution.  

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