Aid Container 2003

Feb 2003
Tara and I have been in Katmandu now for (me) over a month working on the papers for the container. It has been very hard for many reasons. Our Friend Kaman Sing Lama had brought in a container last year for a friend and so had confidently said to me that he would take care of the paper work as he had already done it without any problems. So we then had Crossroads send this container knowing we might face a little opposition but confident of the outcome. Well a little opposition is a very small word. When Kaman sing and I went to the first Office in which we needed papers from they informed us of new rules for importing goods. The main words used by them being “USED MATERIAL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE COUNTRY” and to get tax free we need to agree to bring at least 50 000 $US in the country yearly!!!!!!!

Wow That was a big blow on my shield of faith that I feel to today. Things were pretty grim at that point and honestly I couldn’t really see the light then.  The Container will arrive in the next few days in India and then we will have 15 days to get all the papers before we need to pay extra fees down there. I am confident that we will get what we need.

April 2003
A URGENT prayer request just came from Steve who has been in Kathmandu for a few days. The request is that the container from Crossroads might get into the country with a minimum of cost. The truck left Kathmandu last Thursday to pick it up at the port in India. Steve just found out that the port where the container is waiting is the only port in India that does not give 15 days free storage. He may have a hefty bill to pay to the Indian port since he was unable to get the formalities done quickly enough to pick up the container immediately. He has given a large sum of money to the trucking company and is not sure that he will ever see any of it again, despite the actual charges paid. Lord willing the container will be in Surkhet in about one weeks time and then the distribution will start. It is going to cost Steve much more than he originally thought and it has been very discouraging for him, not to mention Tara. He is learning an expensive lesson about working with the gove rnment. He is disheartened that they are more interested in the money they can acquire than the needs of the poor for whom the container is destined. Our prayers are also needed for the distribution process because riots and theft have been known to happen in similar circumstances where so much is available in poor areas. Steve has rented a building for four months to allow the Youth with a Mission NGO (non governmental organisation) to repackage and distribute the goods to the various organisations and churches for which it is intended. Steve prays that despite the monetary cost, there will be great spiritual gain by the arrival of the container in Surkhet. Kaman Sing Lama, who has been giving much time to this in KTM at his own expense, is not a Christian. He is a leader of one of the communist parties in the country and a very honest and kind man in Steve’s estimation. He has been very good to Steve and Tara and he does not want Steve to pay him for all his efforts in this adventure. Pray that he might see God at work through all this.

May 2003
1 Peter 1:7
These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold-and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

There were times when I thought to myself, and said along with others, that this whole Container deal was a waste of time and money. This was said when my focus was on the cost of the whole deal. It was kind of like the Disciples getting angry about the year's wages that the woman poured out on Jesus' feet. This was probably the most helpful event in the dark time that Jesus had to go through. No one understood his pain as the joyful feast of the Passover was coming up; this act was no doubt key in keeping him strong and focused on the reason for which he was going to die.

God cares very little about worldly things; he cares very little about the cost of the container but cares infinitely for my faith and yours. He cares for the giving hearts of those who donated and prayed for this work. So this is to the glory of God, for he has definitely been faithful and has done great things through your giving and your prayers. The container is not yet here, but I know it soon will be.

The barriers we faced were many, but every one was accompanied by a lesson and a victory. The things that Satan did to stop this from happening are truly amazing, but it just strengthens my faith in the fact that there will be spiritual blessing coming with the distribution. Satan went as far as changing the country’s rules of importation after the sending of the container. There were also office directors saying they wouldn’t give their permission, server shut downs, fax brake-downs, lost documents, money shortages, government holidays, student protests blocking our way, and much more that I will not write about.

Needless to say, I had a lot to pray about and still have. I learned that God's time is not our time, his time is perfect and he is never late. No matter how bad things look, he is in control and is not surprised by any of it.

Like I said earlier the cost of all this was much more than planned. About $4100 (US) as opposed to the $1700 (US), which we had estimated for my part of the work. The container is still not here and I will report to you the full cost of all this as soon as I can.  However, I want to praise God and bring Glory to him by telling you one way he has provided for us. Tara and I had set aside about $5000. (CDN) with which we would return to Canada. We had decided that as soon as the money in my bank account reached $5000. we would leave. So as you might imagine, a large portion of that money had to be used for the container. Then we found out that someone had given my parents money, $5000 (US), to come and see us, or for us to go and visit them. This and many other unexpected donations have been a great help. We have faith that God will provide the money for us to stay here for a few more months so we can put both Tara's sister and brother into school here in Surkhet while we are in France and Canada.

June 2003
The container has arrived in Surket.... These are words that I have longed to say for many weeks. I am leaving tomorrow to go to Tara's village, God willing, so I will just say a few things now. I have already been very busy doing some distribution. I have taken many pictures and am looking forward to taking more. I often feel that I am publishing my "good works" or “letting my left hand know what my right hand is doing” but this is not at all the case. The fact is these pictures are a different type of pride. I am proud of you. I am proud of those who sent things in this container. These things brought joy; they brought love, laughter, and happiness . I want you to see just a glimpse of all that through the pictures that I have taken. It has only been 4 days since the container arrived and I already feel that the joy has surpassed the painful few months of getting the papers and all ready. I have only begun to distribute things. I have been so full of joy because of the faces of the people who received them, by their happiness and by their tears. Thank you and I mean it. THANK YOU for giving and praying for this, and being patient through it all. And above all, I want God to be glorified through the pictures. I hope that they will show just a fraction of His love.

Our very first project in 2003

The container was sent by 100 Huntley, Canada

Many small Local Schools received toys, games and clothes

Many homeless people were given gifts

Distribution of clothes at a local school

The Medical Supplies were donated to INF 

Clothes, toys, shoes and mattresses were given to Pastor Solomons Orphanage

Pastor Solomons Orphanage

Toys were given to the children in Maya's Orphanage in Surkhet

Shoes distributed along with the toys

Sewing Classes

Starting in 2004 we have run various sewing projects for women.  The sewing school was run at "The Mercy House" later in 2007.  In 2019 Pastor John and his wife also ran sewing classes in the village of Maina.  

Apr 2004
The Hope Sewing School started on March the 14th. There are 9 students who study in two separate classes. One group is from the Tharu people and the other group is composed of girls from a village in a riverbed, about a 30 minutes walk from here. Sara, KB’s wife, who is teaching the girls seems to be doing well and the relationships are good. You can pray that these relationships would become a deeper. Pray for Sara because we just received news that

July 2004
The Sewing school has come to the end of the term. We finished the first 3-month basic sewing class. Other than the spiritual goals, our main goals are to train villagers and to help them start a shop of their own.

We started out with 9 girls and finished the training with only 2 girls. This, you might say, is not quite success! But I haven’t finished the story, so hold on. Four of the 9 girls who started the course got married within the three months… We knew one was planning to do so and she had told us that she might not be able to finish. One girl’s husband came back from India and for some reason would not let her come any longer to the class. One young girl had to quit to look after her mother who became very sick. The last one just took off to the east of Nepal! I checked with other people who have been doing this type of project and they said that this is common.

Well, the success, in our eyes, is the two who remained. Both girls are from the Tharu cast and ended up being quite the tailors. They have stopped now for two months because it is the time to plant rice. They will be too busy to be able to study. Both of these girls have been coming to the new gathering that we started near their village. They have both stated that they will continue to come. They also told us that they want to have further training for sewing and would like to be sent for spiritual training as well. Therefore, we are praising Him for the success of the past three-months and looking forward to what is to come. We will be giving these two girls a sewing machine in two months time and hopefully they will be able to learn more about sewing with my Aunt when she arrives in August. We have advised them to come regularly to the gathering for a year or so before we talk about sending them for spiritual training. Please pray for these two young ladies, Sunita and Chandra.

Oct 2005
Our Sewing school is now closed until we return from Kathmandu. However, two of the women who have taken the course have been given machines and now have a business in their homes. Somaya was abandoned by her husband eight months ago. Her husband, leaving her with a few rupees, went to work in India and she has not heard from him since. She has two young children who are both in school. When he left she wondered how she would provide for them. Not having any money she dared not come to the sewing training. After our sewing teacher told us of her situation, we let her come free of charge.

As soon as she finished the course she asked for a machine and later related her story to us. The first day she received cloth to sew, she cried all day for fear of making a mistake, for if she ruined the clothes she would have to pay for the cloth. She prayed all night before she started and she says she still prays while she works. Somaya has not yet made a mistake and with the money she receives from sewing, she has fed herself, her children and sent them to school. Others who have received the training have found jobs in local tailoring shops.


2004 Class





Teaching Reading and Writing

Maina 2019

The Mercy House

In 2006 we were able to buy some land and build a house with the help of our partners in France.  The Mercy House has been used in many ways throughout the years.  We have lodged and trained many widows in this home, offered a place to stay for Pastors and their families, run the Bible School there and done various vocational training there.  At the present the land and houses are used by Pastor Solomon for his orphanage and church.

June 2006
We were able to buy some land not far from our home which will be used for short-term housing for widows and other types of work. Due to the support of our friends in France and the money raised by the French Team that will be coming on June 20th, we have been able to start building the house. This project will be well advanced by the time the Team arrives. They will help finish the essentials that are needed before the widows move in. They will also do an outreach at a local school. The remainder of the finishing will be done as funds are available. We got a good deal on the land because it is situated near a stream. The water will be both an asset and a liability according to the season, but we have faith that God will give us the wisdom to use it to His benefit. The other down side to this property was that there was no road to it. This problem has been solved by two good neighbours giving us road space in exchange for making a well for drinking water on each of their properties. God has once more proven that he controls and knows all things.

Dec 2006
4) The widows in the Mercy House are doing OK. They have built a shelter for goats and pigs and they have started growing vegetables in the land around the house. The house itself is still a shell and eventually it will have to be plastered inside and out, painted and insulated, and there is still need of windows and furniture. We will also need to fence in the property, if we want to grow any vegetables and be able to eat them ourselves. There is also some work to be done to channel the water in the creek to prevent flooding and the road into the land needs to be officially bought. 5) Concerning the widow’s training, we will basically have to start from scratch. We might start the sewing school again and we might continue the candle-making, but in either case we are praying for someone with a business mind to come and take on training the widows to become self-supporting. During my time in the US and Canada I had people approach me who were interested in helping sell crafts made in Nepal. This is also an option we need to look into. Home crafts are well organized in Kathmandu, but need to be developed in the villages.

Aug 2007
When the rainy season started, all the construction workers at the Mercy House left to work in their fields. Before Diego left a few weeks ago, we finished the walls and roofs on all four houses. I am now working on making doors for the houses and cementing the cracks to get the houses ready for painting. Rajani just got back from Kathmandu where she gave birth to a little girl, Sushila. She is now back at the Mercy house with her two older girls and her adopted son. Her children had been staying with us for several weeks. We have planted the rice this year ourselves and it looks like we will get a good crop. The ladies have been working on sewing hats and the sewing school will be starting next week as the field work is almost done. Tara has been going down to the Mercy house a few times a week to teach the ladies about health care and to have Bible studies with them. We have not yet resolved the road issue with the neighbors. Because they blocked the road with a stick fence, we must walk through the other neighbor’s front gate and yard to get to the Mercy House, which doesn’t improve relationships. The neighbor who closed the road also planted rice on a corner of our fields, claiming that the land belonged to him. We decided not to do anything now as the government workers cannot measure land during the monsoons. We are planning to measure the land and build a fence around the whole area as soon as we can. Since buying another small parcel of land, which makes our property an O shape rather than a U shape, we can do this more easily. We are also praying for another way to get a road into the house, and of course a restored relationship with the neighbors. Now that the Mercy House buildings are nearing completion, we need to start seriously developing the training and the business element of the project. We have already initiated sewing and literacy classes; as well as training in basic living practices. In order to start the business opportunities from the widows, I feel that someone else is needed to develop and manage them. This is not my gifting, nor do I have time. Please pray for this personnel need.

Aug 2008
At the Mercy House things have changed a lot, except for our perpetual problem with the neighbors. Please keep praying that God will change their hearts. We have heard that Mukti who went to Jumla, is doing quite well and is a help to the church. Two of the other three women who were at the Mercy House have also left. Mina is back living in her sister’s house and has a candle-making machine and some wax to start a small business. Pabitra has found a small piece of land by the river and we helped her build a small hut there. She will be working with another lady in a small business. Some Bible school students helped build this house during their outreach time. Dan Maya is still in the Mercy House and two new ladies have just come to join her. We will be starting the sewing school this week for them. There are once again three women and four children at the Mercy House, plus our staff.

March 2009
One of the widows Tila, has left the Mercy House after staying with us for eight months. She had to have one leg amputated a year ago after which her husband left her without any place to stay. She has now learned how to sew and has found a job with an NGO for disabled people teaching others how to sew. During her stay with us she came to know our father as well. Praise God for the open door that He provided for her.

Apr 2010
The work at the Mercy House has been halted for the past few weeks as the mason continually disappears. It is hard to find any construction workers at this time in Surkhet; everyone seems to be building a house. The mason we hired is trying to work two jobs and this is not working out well for us. The inside of the house is almost finished but the outside remains untouched. Please pray that we would get the plastering of the building exterior done soon before monsoon season. Pray for guidance as to how to best help widows in the future as more space is being used by the Bible School. Yesterday we collected honey from the bees for the first time. We collected approximately 40Kg of honey and have yet to strain it and put it into containers to sell. We are still working on the fish pond and trying to get chickens for the chicken coop… but nothing seems to be easy here. Please pray for these new income generation ventures which we hope to use to teach to rural believers. The well we dug for the Mercy House last year seems to have iron or sulphur in it and therefore is not good for drinking at all. This means that we still have to go over and get water at the neighbors well. Please pray that God would provide clean drinking water for the Mercy House.

Oct 2012
Bible School starts at the Mercy House
As soon as I came back from Jumla, the Bible School started with 11 students. There are two students from Humla, including Ananda’s father who came to study for four months. There is also a student from the village in Kalikot where we started a church last year after the Bible School’s student outreach. One of last year’s graduates went up to this village to be their pastor until one of their local people can be trained. We are excited to have students from many remote areas. Bal Bahadur’s wife is also attending the classes, which helps her keep her mind off the troubles she has experienced.

Jan 2016
This month the Pastor Solomon who runs an orphanage next to our home in Surkhet, will be taking over the Mercy House. He will be moving the older students of the orphanage down to the Mercy House and he wants to have some widows living there as well. We have been praying for a long time that someone with a heart for this type of ministry would come. We are very happy with this arrangement and so is Pastor Solomon. There are many small construction projects to be done around the property in order to make it more secure. Although Solomon has taken responsibility to do this work, we would still like to help him here and there as we can. Thanks for praying for these needs.

1st Building 2006


Mixing Concrete

4 Cottages built in 2007

4 Homes

Bridge 2011

Bridge Building Team

Producing Honey

Widows and children Christmas 2010

Raising Goats

Planting Rice 

Raising Pigs 2009

Bible Study 2009

Tara Planting Rice


Candle Making

Building small homes

Over the years we have helped to build various types of homes for various people.  Homes for homeless people, homes for widows and homes for staff.

Aug 2008
At the Mercy House things have changed a lot, except for our perpetual problem with the neighbors. Please keep praying that God will change their hearts. We have heard that Mukti who went to Jumla, is doing quite well and is a help to the church. Two of the other three women who were at the Mercy House have also left. Mina is back living in her sister’s house and has a candle-making machine and some wax to start a small business. Pabitra has found a small piece of land by the river and we helped her build a small hut there. She will be working with another lady in a small business. Some Bible school students helped build this house during their outreach time. Dan Maya is still in the Mercy House and two new ladies have just come to join her. We will be starting the sewing school this week for them. There are once again three women and four children at the Mercy House, plus our staff.

March 2009
February 24th, Mom and Dad drove from Kathmandu with Mark, Debbie, my sister, Timothy and Chris Hawkins, who came to visit us from Canada. After a couple of days visiting together in Surkhet we were able to spend time in a national park riding elephants, seeing some wild animals, visiting Tarai villages, and going to Mr B’s church. A happy and rare family time!

During their visit we also did a few projects. After we got back from Bardia National Park we were joined by James Bronson, my cousin from Vancouver, and we headed to a new church in a hill village in Dadagaun. We had a one-day seminar on prayer in which we all participated. Everyone, including ourselves, was very encouraged by our time together.

When we came back from the village we started to build a little hut of bamboo for a lady who lives near the bus park in Surkhet. We cut the bamboo and because the roads were closed that week, we had to carry the branches for a few kilometres to the building site. To make the main part of the hut, we were kept busy right up to the day they left to return to Kathmandu 

Jan 2012
David has been working on completing the Play Group Shelter that was started by my father, uncle and cousin at Christmas, and he has also been working on pouring a new cement surface in the school that we are using as another location for our Play Groups. David has also been busy with the arrival of their little daughter Pricilla on January 21st weighing just over 2Kg. David’s (and Tara’s) mother was able to be here for the big event and she has just recently left again to return to her village. During this time Dilmaya’s sister was taking care of running the play groups. Thank you for praying for them.

2008 Hut

Pastor Bal Bahadur from Mugu

Pobitra helping to build her home

Bible School Students helping out

School / Davids 2012

3rd Class Room

Bus Park House 2009

Medical Camp

We have been able to manage and run many Medical camps across Nepal over the years.  Most of our Solar Projects were accompanied with Medical Camps.  

March 2010
We had a team from Singapore come to do medical camps in two of the churches. During this ministry a few made commitments to give their lives to Christ. It is great to see how God uses different kinds of gifts and ways to bring people to him. About 500 people were examined during the four-day medical camps and six people were added to the churches. The medical team also had a one day conference with the leaders of the churches on the subject of holistic ministry.

Apr 2010
Our trip to Mugu with seventeen international students and staff from Switzerland began with the cancellation of our flight, delaying our plans by one day. Mugu greeted us with hail and snow as we trekked into our first camping location on the way to Saina village. We arrived at the little lodge after three and a half hours of walking in miserable conditions. Off to a chilly start!

The next morning at 8am we continued the eleven-hour hike and arrived at Saina around 4pm. As soon as we arrived at the school we were welcomed by curious children and to break the ice we started playing games with them. Later, knitted hats and scarves were offered to numerous babies and children by the group. Everyone was a little concerned because we only had three days to finish the 44 solar panel and smokeless stove installations. The next morning we started our work at 8:30 and the doctor started to see patients. The team took a while to equip their first houses but soon got the hang of it and we were able to finish all the houses in just two days. As soon as people found out that there was a doctor available, there were crowds of people coming from several surrounding villages. During the two days the doctor and nurse saw over 200 patients.

The church leaders and I went out every night to show the “Jesus” movie. We headed out at 7pm and hiked down 250 meters carrying our projection equipment to a village where a church is being started. Both evenings the villagers were attentive and we had a few responses to the gospel. We will find out in a few months if these will be serious commitments. Everyone was glad to get the work done in only two days because it was a long walk back to the runway and several were sick or injured. We had to get a horse to help some of the team on the return trip, for which we took two days. Thank you for praying for this trip






2015 Earthquake

In 2015 Nepal was rocked by a huge earthquake.  Our close friend and partner Sabin's home of Gorkha was near the epicenter.  We had the privilege to help Sabine run many projects in his district for many years.

May 2015
“How come my brain is wiggling?”… This is “the month of May” summarized by Paul. Although we have not had another “big one”, there have been one or more aftershocks daily; we aren’t always completely aware of them but it does seem that we are often dizzy.

June 2015
GORKHA VILLAGE: Before the rains came, Sabine and I took a trip to Gorkha district to see the villages in which we had distributed metal roofing. We spent five straight days on a motorbike averaging seven hours per day. We arrived home with some scratches and bruises but no serious injuries. We went to the village of Baluwa, about three hours from the main town. Most of the houses there received roofing from us and our partners in order to build temporary shelters. The town looked like a “Shantytown” when we arrived… metal roofs and metal walls everywhere.

We stayed in the newly constructed make-do church that the people made out of metal sheeting. The pastor in Baluwa became a Christian while serving in the army in India. When he retired, he started a church in his own town and then helped start 17 other churches in that area. There are over 100 people attending this church and they were attending church on April 25th when the earthquake struck. Although both the church building and the small guest house next to it were destroyed, all the Christians survived the earthquake.

We had a meeting with the 30 families or so in that village and made an agreement to rebuild their village with earthquake resistant housing. We will basically use the same materials they had in their old homes but we will provide small tie-beams made out of reinforced cement for added strength. We will work with a government engineer so that the homes will be built in the right places, leaving room for roads, bathrooms and other necessities. There are also many needs such as running water, toilets, a church and a school which we would like to eventually help provide. The local people will provide the rocks, door and window frames, and of course the labor, while we will provide for the cement, rebar, metal roofing (already bought) and sand for the construction.

We estimate the cost of one home to be about 2300 $. So far there have been 27 family groups out of the approximate 30 who want our help. Thanks for your prayers and giving as we move forward in this large project. Please pray that the people there would understand God’s love through this effort of sharing.

Aug 2015
“An adventure! Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things…. make you late for dinner! (The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien) There has been much disturbance and discomfort this month in Nepal. The roads in many sections of the country have been closed almost the whole month and the country has seen more unrest than since the last civil war.

At the beginning of the month Sabine and I, along with our three French guests, made a trip to Gorkha to buy building material and help prepare for the team’s arrival. We got off to a bad start! We woke up early to leave only to find the car would not start. After calling a mechanic we were told it would take a few hours to repair. By the time the car was fixed it was past 2pm and we wondered if it was wise or not to leave that late. We decided to leave and three hours later found ourselves stuck at the back of a huge line of cars. The road had been closed since morning! We decided to try to advance to the head of the line, for sometimes having several white faces in the car helps getting through road blocks. It turned out that the road block opened the very minute we reached it and consequently, we were the first to go through the barrier with a line of trucks, buses and cars behind us. Later that night when we arrived at a hotel we found out that Surkhet roads had closed down that day and that there was a curfew. There had been a great demonstration and three or more people had been shot by the police. This protest lasted for weeks and there was a curfew the whole time. When I phoned Tara and the kids I could hear shots being fired in the background, probably the sound of Tear Gas shots.

The next day of our trip we traveled three hours when my car switched off while going down a hill. We spent four more hours in the sweltering heat waiting for the car to be fixed. After finding a mechanic, fixing a pipe that had a leak and attempting to start the car, the mechanic said we would have to tow the car three hours to the next big city. To make a long story short, we left my car in the city and rented a car to take us to Gorkha district.

Our time in Gorkha went really well. We bought materials to start building homes. We helped clean up around the church by building up walls, making paths and helped build a tin house to accommodate the team that was coming to help with the construction. We also had some time to help dig the foundations of the pastor’s house before we left.

Sep 2015
The work in Gorkha is moving ahead well. There have been several teams come to help with the re-building of homes during the past several months. Up to date there have been eight foundations finished and one church foundation. There are two homes that are almost completely finished, leaving twenty-one more foundations to do. I will be going to Gorkha in December to buy more supplies. Please pray for Sabine as he is managing all this work resulting in his being away from home a lot.

Jan 2016
We joined Sabine in Kathmandu and he took us to a village where none of us had ever been. We spent two days teaching the believers there. Three churches gathered together to listen to the messages and it was nice to see the enthusiasm that is so common in the churches here in Nepal. The pastors told us that no one had come to do this kind of teaching in their churches before and they asked us if we could come back twice a year. Most work in churches across Nepal is either done in the big cities in the South or in the larger villages in the North, those that are accessible by plane and helicopter. Often the many churches which are in the middle of the country never get a chance to be encouraged and taught.

As soon as we finished the conference, we went and spent a night in the main city of Gorkha. The next morning, we were off on a motorbike to go and check the progress in the construction of the homes in the village of Baluwa. We started our five-hour motorbike ride with the gas gauge on empty, deciding to believe our Nepali friends who assured us we had enough to return.

The progress in Baluwa has been slow. One problem is that most abled-bodied men have left the village to go and work outside the country. At this time there are 2000 Nepalese leaving Nepal every day to go to The Middle East alone. Many more go to other Asian countries, especially to India. There are four houses completed so far, four houses that are partly finished and three foundations have been started for other homes.

Please pray for the pastor who is taking care of all this work and Sabine who has taken the responsibility to raise the money for all this. You can pray for Sabine who is planning on moving from Surkhet back to his home district of Gorkha in the next few months. He has been working in Surkhet as a YWAM missionary for 16 years now and is planning to start a DTS in his own area in the future.

Apr 2016
The work in Gorkha is going very well; twenty-four of the twentyeight houses that we are helping to build in Baluwa, are now done. Once the four other homes are finished we are looking to build seventeen more houses in a more remote village. Thank you all for your faithful giving and prayer for this on-going work. There is still a huge amount of reconstruction to do in certain areas of the country and we are happy to be playing a small part in the reconstruction process.

Many camped out for a year after.

Still digging through the rubble 2016

Initial distribution of blankets and camping mats

Taking a nap


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Pastors Home

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