While in Nepal one of my favorite projects was Solar Projects.  Turning on a light in a dark home that does not have windows in a village that never had electricity is an exciting and joyful event. 

The Solar work first started in 2007 with the help of a great friend Pastor Lou Felo.  Our last Solar Panel Project was done in 2016 in Tara's home town of Maina with the help of our good friends from France.  Over 9 years we accomplished 12 Solar Projects in some very remote areas providing solar panels and stoves to over 700 families.  

Lou Felo

2007 Arriving at Mugu Airport

Turning the light on in a home for the first time is an awesome experience

Village of Pina

Gifts for the workers of apples

Every home gets their own panel

Every home gets a stove

The children love to help

Satisfied customers

Rara Airport 


Mugu Solar Panel 2010

Mugu Solar Project 2010 (French Team)