One of the great needs of many villages in Nepal is clean drinking water and toilets.  Starting in 2005 with the Surkhet YWAM staff and over 15 years we have done a dozen toilet and water projects.  

Every project we have done has been in cooperation with local people.  The teams provide the material such as cement, toilet pan and sand and the local people dig the septic tank and build the outhouse around the toilet.  

These types of projects have been so beneficial to everyone involved in them.  The Nepali people are amazed to see "tourists" working for them instead of enjoying their vacation and the team members get to enter into the lives of the people in a very real way.   

Bardiah Project 2007

Many villages across Nepal do not have toilets

Mr. B's local church in Bardiah National Park

Local Chaudari Dancers

Working together, French team and Mr.B

Surkhet Nayagau Project in Chaudari village in 2008

2008 Project

Finished Toilet of the Surkhet Stream bed project of 2010

Although Nepal has a huge amount of water as a nation many villages do not have drinking water.  Some of the very first projects we did in Nepal were water projects.

Because of the many streams and sources some of these projects involved piping water into tanks, in other places digging wells was the best way to provide water.  

Jupra Village



Water was piped into the village from a forest source.  

Water Tank

Jupra Village

Bame Cola


Local Women 

Carrying rocks

Finished Water

Tank and Taps

Finished Well

Nayagau 2009

Grueling work

Cement Rings